Hall's Chronicle

THE VNIon of the two noble and illustre famelies of Lancastre & Yorke, beeyng long in continual discension for the croune of this noble realme, with all the actes done in bothe the tymes of the Princes, bothe of the one linage and of the other, beginnyng at the tyme of kyng Henry the fowerth, the first aucthor of this deuisionĚ and so successiuely proceadyng to the reigne of the high and prudent prince kyng Henry the eight, the vndubitate flower and very heire of both the sayd linages.

Thanks for coming by.  I'm still working on turning my transcription of Hall's Chronicle, as represented by the high-resolution facsimiles online at Penn, into a web edition. 

You can contact me if you'd like more information.